Please be willing to allow for ample craftsman time on any order.  Lead times will vary and are approximate. Ask for a time quote with your order.


Vanity order: 6-10 weeks (1-2 vanities)

Standard order: 2-4 months

Custom order: 3-6 months

Special order: 4-6 months

Standard order: Anything from the price list, no modifications

Custom order: Dressers, Tables, Vanities, or other furniture with modifications

Special order: Any order with custom dimensions, specifications, or pieces, and this includes large orders


· When ordering you can pay in full, or we ask for a 50% deposit on all orders unless other arrangements are made. This is what we need to get started on orders, so we can get our materials etc.  Deposits are non refundable.

· Delivery fee depends on location.  Ask for a delivery quote with your order.  Arrangements can be made to pick up with no charges.  We may deliver outside of Colorado for a fee depending on the size of the order.

· We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover card.

No refunds or exchanges, all sales are final.